Thursday, 17 March 2011

Incest is Best

If BDSM is controversial, incest is even more so, and combine the two and you have, well -- a lot of outraged people!Yet the incest books I've had published have all been hugely popular. In fact, at one point my top three sellers on Amazon were all incest - until Amazon removed them. Remember, please, that we're talking adult incest here, and consensual. Why are they so popular? I guess a lot of people have had thoughts that way in their past (or present), forbidden thoughts about their uncles or aunts, about their brothers or sisters, or, dare I suggest, their fathers or daughters or mothers or sons? People have fantasies! They're not dangerous. And as long as we know the difference between fantasy and reality I think there's nothing inherently 'wrong' with a fantasy about incest. I write fantasies, and if incest fantasies are what people want to read, that's what I want to write. Unfortunately, my options for selling them are drastically restricted these days, which I think unfortunate. You can put a book featuring a serial killer disemboweling and torturing people to death on just about site, but a book where a pair of adult siblings engage in consensual sex - well that's too outrageous for some reason.

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