Saturday, 26 March 2011

On why BDSM stories often have a bad name

Bondage, Domination, Submission, Master, Slave, Sadism, Masochism. There's a lot of room for a wide variety of stories in this area, and a lot of authors - many of them relatively unskilled, have put a lot of fantasies to pen over the years. Many of those have been quite dark, some even gruesome. My earlier work was certainly on the darker side, with a lot more non-consensual stories. But I think I can say, looking back on well over 200 novels written under JJ Argus and other pseudonyms, that while many women were hurt, none were ever harmed. No woman or girl, even in my earlier stories, ever suffered any sort of punishment that would have required medical treatment. And certainly, none ever died. The only people who have ever died in my books tend to be the ones who inflicted cruelty upon those young women and girls.

An editor passed along a letter to me a few years back from a female reader. It was to him not me, commenting on his two best-selling authors. Argus, she said, clearly loves women, while the other author, clearly despised them. And while I can't speak for that other writer, I can say for a certainty that she was quite right about me.

On Punishment and Domination, Cruelty and Heat, Fear and Pain

Some have observed that my earlier books are rather different from the ones I write now. This is unquestionably true. I've been writing for a lot of years, and my attitudes, not to mention my skill as a writer, have changed during that time. My books now tend to be less crude, for I've observed that there is nothing intrinsically arousing in the use of obscene words. That might sound odd given some would suggest my books themselves are obscene. But I no longer use obscene terms in descriptions, and have tried to edit out the worst of these in my older books. Obscene words are present in dialogue, of course, for to not have it there, given the nature of these books would be silly.

Also, my books tend to be much more strongly into domination and submission now, as opposed to brute physical punishment. They contain both, clearly, but my experiences with women have shaped my view of life and BDSM. To me, it is far more exciting to seduce a woman away from her inhibitions, than to force her to do something. It's far more exciting to see a woman who becomes helplessly aroused by her own humiliation, than to read of one who is merely shamed. And punishment which causes arousal and pleasure in both parties seems to me to be a more arousing read - though more difficult to credibly write.

In the books I write today, women are forced by their own excitement, their own arousal, their own heat, not by fear. And yes, their minds can be twisted by coy or cruel men and women, but invariably with the aid of their own hidden desires and the pleasure given to them.

While all my books are copyrighted on the likes of Amazon and elsewhere within the last few years. That's because they've been to some extent, modified and edited from their original, more crude forms. But you have to realize some of these books were written twenty years ago. If you want to see whether a book is part of my earlier works or later works you can find out at, where my books are numbered from 1 to over 200. This is not entirely accurate, but pretty close to reality.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Incest is Best

If BDSM is controversial, incest is even more so, and combine the two and you have, well -- a lot of outraged people!Yet the incest books I've had published have all been hugely popular. In fact, at one point my top three sellers on Amazon were all incest - until Amazon removed them. Remember, please, that we're talking adult incest here, and consensual. Why are they so popular? I guess a lot of people have had thoughts that way in their past (or present), forbidden thoughts about their uncles or aunts, about their brothers or sisters, or, dare I suggest, their fathers or daughters or mothers or sons? People have fantasies! They're not dangerous. And as long as we know the difference between fantasy and reality I think there's nothing inherently 'wrong' with a fantasy about incest. I write fantasies, and if incest fantasies are what people want to read, that's what I want to write. Unfortunately, my options for selling them are drastically restricted these days, which I think unfortunate. You can put a book featuring a serial killer disemboweling and torturing people to death on just about site, but a book where a pair of adult siblings engage in consensual sex - well that's too outrageous for some reason.