Friday, 25 February 2011


I've never used anyone I know as the exact model for any of my characters, but I must admit I do use some of the ladies I've known as my physical models. That is, when I'm writing a character I'll be thinking of one of the girls I know. Only one of them is aware of that, though. Today I came across a beautiful woman at work I hadn't seen in some time. She's intelligent, and dresses like a librarian, right down to the glasses - all except those sexy stiletto heels she wears. I love putting a character like her in my books, as you never know what's under those proper outfits, or what dark and kinky things she does at home. Anyway, it was interesting talking to her as I'd used her as one of the central characters in a couple of my books. In one, she was the 'startled' vanilla woman exposed to the sudden heat of bondage and sex. In the other she was the predatory boss, secretly lesbian, and definitely into disciplining her hapless young female employee. Wonder what she'd say if she knew... :)

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